Born on the 4th of December 1973, in Pongola, northern Natal to join my older sister, mother and father… My father was a game ranger for the Natal Parks Board, at the time, so a natural love of nature and especially animals was established early on. Father joined the permanent force, therefore so did we… We spent 5 years living in Bloemfontein and then moved down to Cape town where I have been living ever since… From a young age, I showed a strong interest in art and maths which looking back now, has aided in my Art Direction talents. I was brought up in a liberal, middle class house hold by two strong-willed Virgo’s. I started showing my natural bossy tendencies in High School and have not looked back since. Being extremely well organized, artistic and good with money has always stood me in good stead. After High School, I studied Graphic Design for 3 years. I found the idea of working in an Ad Agency rather unappealing so when the opportunity to try out the Film Industry came along, I grabbed it with all fours – That was in 1995. I have thoroughly enjoyed the many experiences which the Industry has afforded me, over the years and have found that when things don’t look to bright and exciting, I have my dry sense of humor and great people with whom I work, to share it with…. Thank you for visiting my web site and showing your interest in my Work.
I have mostly worked on International Commercials but have enjoyed my experiences on various Features, Documentaries and Music Videos.

I have worked on 9 Feature Films, various Documentaries and TV Series as well as Music and Cooperate Videos.

I have worked in the following countries:
Namibia, Mozambique, Nigeria and various parts of SA.